Practice Areas

Corporate and Commercial Law
At D'Agostino and Associates we offer current, state-of-the-art advice to our business clients every day.  Our clients include entrepreneurial owner-operators, family businesses, medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, other professionals, professional corporations and large corporations.  Although their needs may differ, each of our clients rely upon our ability to deliver "Bay Street" advice without having to drive to Toronto.
Services include:

      • » Business formations
      • » Business reorganization and amalgamation
      • » Purchase of sale transactions
      • » Corporate Finance
      • » Securitizations
      • » Secured and structured financings
      • » Commercial and industrial property and equipment lease agreements
      • » Bank services for lenders and borrowers
      • » Shareholder and partnership agreements
      • » Work out and insolvency assistance

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Law

Residential Real Estate

We offer full service real estate transaction assistance.  Our services include everything from drafting and/or reviewing the agreement of purchase and sale to the actual purchase and/or sale and mortgage financing of the property.  We have many years of experience in real estate, ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated and complex transactions.

Services include:

        • » Transactions involving mortgage enforcement
        • » Land development
        • » Subdivisions
        • » Condominiums
        • » Rezoning
        • » Leasing arrangements

Commercial and Industrial Real Estate

Our firm acts for many developers, builders, financial institutions, private entrepreneurs and closely-held business corporations because of our years of involvement in the real estate and construction industries.  Over the years, we have developed a strong understanding of the provincial and land development process.

Services include:

          • » Land assembly
            » Acquisition & development
            » Financing
            » Condominiums
            » Leasing  
            » Landlord/Tenant issues

Wills, Estate Administration & Trusts

The discussions surrounding the drafting and preparation of wills and powers of attorney involve some of the most important services required by our clients.  Estate, Taxation and Administration planning play an integral part of our legal services.  The importance of durable powers of attorney and corporate and personal wills cannot be overlooked or underestimated.  We take a very active role in helping our clients deal with future fundamental life-altering events such as death and incapacity as soon as our lawyer-client relationship begins.  Succession planning is tailored to the needs of the individual client.  We will confer with your consultants and financial advisors to ensure you plan is both legally sound and tax efficient.

Services include:

            • » Personal wills
              » Corporate wills
              » Powers of attorney
              » Inter-vivos trusts & testamentary trusts. 

We also offer a full range of estate administration services.  We act for personal representatives and beneficiaries of estates.  We will determine whether or not court applications are necessary.  We will provide assistance, direction and advice in the settlement of an estate, including property transfers, life insurance payments, transfer of funds (RRSPs, bank accounts, etc), and obtaining the assistance of and consultations with accountants and other professionals required to ensure the proper administration on an estate.

Wealth Management
Our key objectives are to provide high net worth individuals and families with tailored estate planning, legal resources and advice, taxation advice and investment management through our partners, with the goal of sustaining and growing long-term wealth. With considerable wealth comes great responsibility, great need for privacy and security, and great need for trusted advice. D’Agostino & Associates has significant expertise in asset protection, tax planning, wills, charitable giving, estate administration and powers of attorney.

Our clients need a seasoned advisor dedicated to the security of their finances now, and well into the future. They need a confidante and advocate, someone to whom they can talk and whom they can trust implicitly, someone who will be available to them in emergencies. We are able to serve their needs: one call to the person they trust does it all. Whether they are the owner of wealth, the inheritor, or the financial advisor, they place their confidence in their lawyer at D’Agostino & Associates.

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